Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have seen these cute little pillowcase dressses all over the web, and I absolutely LOVE them! I wish that I had the time and the ambition to go to the store, buy some adorable fabrics and ribbons and come home and make one! But alas I usually have a ton of studying or cleaning to do, whether it is the house, car or the baby's butt, and I have never gotten around to making one. Maybe one day soon I will get around to at least attempting to make one, but until then I will just drool over the tutorials, like this one that is super simple to follow from Prudent


Hi, this is a blog about NOUNS that I think are cool, my favorite people, places and things, as well as things that I would like to eventually do. You know those things that you say, "oh that's cool, maybe I will try that" and then life gets in the way and you never do. Well this is my place to start my dream list of those things and document what I actually get around to doing! Happy reading...